Hello, finally!

Hi! My name is BBB and I am a clean-eating, gym-going, fitness enthusiast.  Fitness is constantly on my mind and I love sharing new things that I find with others, so I’m going to try to keep up with this.  Thanks for reading!

I’ve always been pretty active, as a dancer and gym rat, but never really saw any progress with my fitness.  I’ve had goals to be able to do a perfect push-up, pull-up, dip; and I’ve never been able to reach them.  I’d go to the gym, use a couple of the machines that targeted my problem areas, and then run for miles.  I also gained the dreaded Freshman Fifteen when I went to college and became a little too obsessed with the gym and running.  I loved working out, but wasn’t getting the results that I was looking for and I could tell that my health was starting to suffer from not eating well enough.

Around the same time that I began to realize I needed a change, a friend of mine competed in a figure competition. I’ve always been intimidated by the sculpted look of bodybuilder and fitness competitors, but she looked completely normal and quite awesome! After doing some research (okay, I used “find a plan” on bodybuilding.com) I decided to start Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program and I’ve never looked back!

This is me just doing my daily fire jump

I’ve followed the program pretty strictly and the results have been incredible.  Using the tools on the website, I figured out that I ate about half the amount of calories that I need just to get through the day! Also, I was a vegetarian so almost none of it was protein.  I recently finished Jamie’s program, and have just started James Wilson’s Body Earned Program.  I really feel that all my hard work has paid off and showed, and am excited to keep going!  I used to think that once I had my ideal body, that everything would be downhill from there.  Now I know that it’s an endless journey of protein powder, eating clean, and ass-kicking workouts! I’ll be sharing clean recipes, my favorite workouts, and tips that I’ve picked up along the way.  Let me make the diet fumbles and break the secret gym code so that I can help you stay on the right track.  We all know one wrong move at the gym can feel like a world of embarrassment, so allow me to take care of that for you 🙂   I can’t think of a better way to live my life and I hope you’ll be able to see the benefits of this lifestyle too.


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