Can 4-letter words involve an apostrophe?

Sorry I haven’t been very successful with the blogging lately!  “The Thing”, as we call my departure from VA, is rapidly approaching and I haven’t been at a computer much.  Still finding time to hit the gym, of course:) 

Today I endured James’s Week 6 Day 3 leg workout, and I felt so accomplished as I hobbled out of the gym!  I recently read an article about a ten year-old girl who can squat twice her body weight.  I usually only squat about 50lbs (less than half of my body weight) and realized that I was slacking!  Usually it’s because I can’t really lift more than 60 over my head without looking like I’m seizing, but this morning I conquered the squat rack!  I busted out 3 set of 15 squats at 95lb. and I was dying! Luckily, it was so early that there was no one there to see me stuggling to stand. You know how much I love squats, but it was slow going at 6:00am and my motivation was definitely low.  About half way through the 2nd set, I was maybe a little stuck in the squat position and thought “I can’t get up.”


What I really couldn’t tolerate was that I had said can’t.  For the few of you who have been to the gym with me, you know that word is like saying “Voldemort” to muggle-me (though there is still some possibility that my acceptance letter owl was hit by a car, I’m still holding out hope).  I learned long ago that can’t would never again be a part of my vocabulary.  I danced ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and whatever else I could fit in, with the same teacher for quite a few years and who drilled quite a few helpful life lessons in to my brain.

The first came about while the class was stretching: we’d put one leg up on the wall behind us, and do a standing split. Well, to be honest, my splits sucked.  I had no muscle, so I had “the shakes”, and had to stand up on that wall for 5 minutes while he pulled my foot towards my head.  Sort of hard to picture, but think of something pretzel-like.  At one point, I said the dreaded word and he pulled me up and said:

“No.  You CAN do anything, but if you won’t then that’s your head’s fault.  Don’t blame your body for something your mind is too lazy to do.”


It really stuck with me, and I am always happy to tell someone how dumb their mind is being about something:)  Today, it was my own mind that was being an idiot.  It was a pretty motivational moment for myself and the weighted bar I was holding, and I eventually returned to my normal height to bust out 1 and a half more sets!  The point is, don’t doubt yourself because if you don’t think you can do it, then why would anyone else?


Have a good Thirsty Thursday and drink of lots water!! I’m at 40 oz., share how much you’ve had today!


P.s. Words to Avoid (updated): Skinny, can’t




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