I’ll Be Motivated Tomorrow…

Hello All!  Just a short post, barely making it through the week as it is:)

I’ve made it through the second day of Operation Hot Body Challenge and I’m still alive!  I’ve realized that it may have been a little ambitious to start leaning out and cutting this week too.  Hey, there’s no time like the present to get started with a goal!  All I’ve heard lately is, “I REALLY want to eat healthy,but not until after school starts.”  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  It’s hard for me to comprehend why people make excuse after excuse when they clearly want to change.

Is it fear that drives you to stall?

Is it laziness?

NOW is the time to start.  There really is no time like the present to begin the journey of a lifetime.  The changes are difficult and take a lot of time and effort, but the results are incredible and life-changing:)

If you’re ready to start eating and training better to start feeling and looking better, do it today:)


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