FPP Special Guest Post

I’m finally getting around to posting a guest post from a super special guest: my mom!  She just got on the Foodie Pen Pal bandwagon and was probably most stoked about the posting part:)  Luckily, she got an insanely awesome box of food!



When my daughter first told me about FPP’s I was convinced that it was a complicated ruse for someone to send her roofied lemon bars. But then I kept seeing all of the cool and interesting things she got each month, and my desire for surprise food packages in the mail far outweighed my fear of roofied lemon bars and stranger abduction. September was my first month, and I got a (beautifully wrapped) package from Shelly @ vegetarianventures.com. I feel bad that I didn’t give her more details and instruction but i didn’t want to stifle her creativity, I love new things!

Shelly did not disappoint. She sent a box of her favorite things from the local co-op in Bloomington, In.  Let’s talk about honey Caramel Puffs, they are amazing, like eat the whole bag in one sitting amazing. Salty and not too sweet, but with an amazing airy texture.  I tell myself that I’ll just have one…then another, and another, and then I’m googling how to order them online.  Also a bag of delicious granola that I mixed with Greek yogurt as suggested, perfect quick breakfast!  Salted dark chocolate, enough said. Seeing a connection? Add salt to sweet, and I’m in. Banana chips that are so delicious. They aren’t your typical too crispy, artificially sweetened, banana chips, these are slightly too thick and a little bit chewy, with no added sweetness, which actually makes the chip better, especially dipped in nutella, haha. The odd man out in this box?  A bag of corn kernels. My hubby was like, what do we do with that? Shelly suggested popping and adding S&P and nutritional yeast. Omg, I love a reason to add nutritional yeast to anything! It happens to be my newest obsession. We’re saving the corn for when we go camping, as soon as snake season is over, and will enjoy it popped over a campfire. There were some iced pumpkin cookies in there too, but I can’t talk about them since Mark had commandeered them before I could even think about tasting. Pumpkin cookies are one of his favorites!








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