Insanity: Day 1



“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Well I’m over that crap!  Today I started the 60-day Insanity program from Beachbody.  It made me feel so out of shape!  I’ve been trying to fight insanity the past few months by trying different meal plans, but haven’t really made any progress.  So I’m drastically changing my plan and am going to cardio-kill myself with these videos.  The first day was a 20 minute fit test.  It went by pretty quickly, but it was rally hard!  A girl at the gym (I wrote the workout down and did it in the group exercise room) saw me doing the warm-up and asked if she could join in.  She had just finished the 1st day (3 times, not sure why) and it was nice to have someone to commiserate with!  I spent most of the time trying to convince her that I really am in shape though:)


The meal plan is the most exciting part.  I’ll still be eating 6 meals per day, but my calorie count has gone WAY up!:)))))  I think I’ve been under-eating because today I noticed that I wasn’t hungry until the 3 hour mark.  The past month or so I’ve been hungry before the 2 hour mark!  It’s really great to finally be able to know what my body has been telling me: EAT MORE, LESS OFTEN. The meal suggestions that come with Insanity aren’t as clean as I’m used to so I’ve had to change things up a little bit.  Overall, I’m sticking close to this plan!


I”m hoping that the next 60 days will help me lean out so I can go back to lifting weights and building muscle.  I’ll admit, I did a couple sets of bicep curls just because I missed it!  I took a week off after finishing the Body Earned program, and that’s a VERY long time for me to not workout/be at the gym.  I’m a gym rat and always will be:)  However, the intensity of Insanity made me realize why people do this in the privacy of their own home, it’s not a good look to be out of breath after 3 minutes!


I love to lift and cannot wait to be back in the weight room.  My calluses are already disappearing:(  I feel as though I’ve already committed myself to this program, and I’m not one to quit, so I’m going to see out the 60 days and then go back to what I love.


Wish me luck on day 2!


Do you prefer group exercise or a solo weightlifting session?  Leave a comment!


2 responses

  1. When you work out with a partner, it’s alot easier to “show up”. If you are meeting someone at the gym, there are no excuses!! I just commited myself to a 12 week program designed by Jamie Eason. I plugged in all the numbers and in her world, I need to lose 20 pounds! There I said it!
    Brynne was doing Insanity and then school started…….maybe you can motivate her! Keep posting!

    • I totally agree Lori! Though I like to workout alone because that’s the time that I get to do what I want, for me:)
      Jamie’s world says I need to lose ten pounds, so I’m with you on that! What is more important is how you feel in your clothes and the confidence that you have, the scale doesn’t matter!

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