Blackberry Mocha Overnight Oats

OATS ARE BACK. They never really went away, but they weren’t too interesting for awhile. It’s been rough getting back to clean eating. Fortunately, I haven’t been thrown way off track. Yesterday I was curling with my usual 30lb barbell, and it felt a little too easy. So I went for the 40lb barbell, and it was perfect! Feeling pretty good about my progress:)

I only took a month or so off, but I keep forgetting that I need to pack my food or make a bunch of food beforehand. There has been a lot of yogurt and rice cakes lately because I’m so absentminded! Luckily, I remembered to make some overnight oats for my 6am work shift today:)

Blackberry Mocha Overnight Oats

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 packet instant coffee
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder
  • 2 drops stevia extract
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup blackberries
  • 3/4 cup water
  1. Put everything in a jar, mix, seal and refrigerate overnight!






The EAT, with some protein of course. ūüôā


Liebster for Days…

So back in December I got a message from Lynda from informing me that she nominated me for the Liebster Award! WOOOOOOOO! I had no idea what she was talking about so I checked out her post (it was such an honor that an established blogger had noticed ME!). Apparently, the Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging. I’ve needed that lately:)

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 2.59.48 PM

The rules of the Liebster are simple:

  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 interview questions you‚Äôve been given by the person who nominated you.
  • Create 11 new questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
  • Go and tell the person who nominated you, along with the people you‚Äôve nominated about your post.

So here it goes, and thank you so much Lynda!

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I usually only like songs that I know the words to, so I can sing along!
  2. I secretly have a very girly side (I love pink, glitter, shopping, The Notebook, and Call Me Maybe).
  3. People tell me secrets because I have the memory of a goldfish:)
  4. I can touch my tongue to my nose.
  5. I used to be terrified of dogs, and now I absolutely LOVE them.
  6. I love cooking and think that any problem can be solved with a snack and/or cake.
  7. If there is music playing, I’m probably dancing to it.
  8. One of my favorite things to do is drive and listen to the radio.
  9. I like knowing other people’s favorite colors.
  10. I’m a book whore, I’ll read anything I can get my hands on.
  11. I’ve donated almost three gallons of blood.

Questions from Lynda:

  1. What is your fav body part that you just love? My butt because I’ve worked pretty hard for it;)
  2. Are you organized and keep lists OR just wing it? LISTS ARE MY LIFE.
  3. Would you tell someone if they dropped a dollar on the ground OR just pick it up and figure who cares? I believe in karma so I would definitely tell them.
  4. Do you bring your own bags into the market OR do you forget them at home? SF charges for bags so you know I’m bringing my own!
  5. How often do you replace your running shoes? Not often enough.
  6. Do you truly ‚Äúprep‚ÄĚ your food for the next day and plan ahead to be ready to eat healthy? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Definitely.
  7. Did you eat ‚Äúsugar‚ÄĚ cereal as a kid, if so which was your fav? YES. French Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and Oreo-O’s…I may have had a bit of a sweet tooth.
  8. Do you prefer to shop on-line OR get out of the house and be amongst people? I have a real problem with online shopping, I do it too often…
  9. What is your dream vacay spot with your spouse/lover/partner? Probably Paris, not sure why though.
  10. Do you have a ‚Äúmotto‚ÄĚ you live by? “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”
  11. How often do you update your play list? Never, I’m awful at it! I’m addicted to 8tracks and Pandora though.

11 Questions for the Nominees:

  1. What’s your favorite snack?
  2. Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island alone with a lifetime supply of food or with your best friend and no supplies?
  3. What is your fitness pet peeve?
  4. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?
  5. Who inspires you most?
  6. If someone made a movie about your life, who would play you?
  7. What song pumps you up for a workout?
  8. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. What was the best gift you ever received?
  10. What’s your dream job?
  11. What’s your favorite color?:)

And the nominees are…..

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Be sure to check them all out!

Girl On Fire

I’m not usually one to make New Year’s Resolutions (or keep them), but my lifestyle has changed so much in 2012 that they seem right up my alley! I probably have a few too many, but I’m feeling especially challenge-y this year:)

In no particular order:

  • Do a pull-up!
  • Perfect my push-up.
  • Listen to Call Me Maybe more often (I’ve been pretty successful with this one).
  • Do a Random Act of Kindness at least once a day.
  • Stretch every day.
  • Blog at least once a week.
  • Enjoy my lifestyle AND my life (Hey, I’m 21!)

Me in 2014;)


One of my friends jokingly told me that her New Year’s Resolution is to just “do her”, and I actually really like it! ¬†It’s the best resolution that I’ve heard so I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on just “doing me” and being myself this year. ¬†I’m not going to try to prove anything to anyone except myself. ¬†I’m already my best critic, so who better to judge myself than me?

Did you make any resolutions that you plan to keep?  Or have any that you plan on completely ignoring?:)

Let’s go, 2013.

It’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me! It’s been a super busy month with the holidays, my birthday, and a trip to Maui!


My brothers, sister, and niece all together for the holidays:)


Indulging just a little on my 21st;)




So, you can probably guess that this hasn’t been the cleanest break for me. ¬†I did achieve my goal of sticking with my meal plan until my birthday, but it’s been pretty much downhill since then. ¬†You could drown an army with all of the sugary, tropical drinks that I had in Hawaii:) ¬† I didn’t stick to any meal plan at all for a whole week, and it was tough to lose control for that long! ¬†Usually everything about my life is pretty structured (eat at 9am, eat at 12pm, gym at 2pm….), so it was an adjustment to get used to 3 meals a day and no gym.

I don’t regret any of the cheats though. ¬†To be honest with you, I’m stil not 100% back on track. ¬†Hey, I’m human! ¬†I’m just enjoying being home for a few more days before it’s back to the grind:)¬†

Just wanted to give y’all a little update on where I’ve been and why I’ve been completely ignoring you:) ¬†Tomorrow I’ll share my New Year’s Resolutions and later this week I’ll tell you about the Liebster Award that I was nominated for!


R.A.C.K. to Christmas!

How’s everyone doing with the squat-a-thon? Feelin’ the burn yet? ¬†I know I am, especially on leg days! I’m a sucker for challenges though so I’m loving it.

Another way that I have challenged myself this December is by doing a R.A.C.K (Random Act of Christmas Kindness) every day as a Christmas countdown! Someday they will invent super clean chocolate advent calendars, but until then I’m just going to go out of my way everyday to do something nice. ¬†It’s been a really fun experience, and it can be incredibly fulfilling to just do something that will make another person feel great during the holiday season.

Now I’m going to challenge you to R.A.C.K. your city in these final days before Christmas!

It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, I’ve realized that it’s the little things that can really make someone’s day. Some ideas are:

-Donate clothes/toys/canned food to those in need

-Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, or for a fun run in your community, or the SPCA

-Leave an inspiring note on a random car

-Do your roommate’s dishes (without complaining)

-Bake clean Christmas cookies for your neighbors and give them the recipe!

-Offer to help someone with their groceries

These are just a few of the actions that will take you 5 minutes-tops, but will have a lasting effect on others. ¬†So get in to the Christmas spirit, and remember that it isn’t about the new lifting gloves or protein powder that are waiting under the tree. ¬†It’s about the hope that maybe someday we’ll all be on the nice list;)

While you’re going on a Christmas walk to admire the lights, warm up with this clean peppermint cocoa!

Peppermint Cocoa


-1 peppermint tea bag

-1/2 tbs cocoa powder

-2 drops stevia

  1. Fill a mug with hot water and prepare the peppermint tea
  2. Discard the tea bag and add the cocoa powder and stevia

So simple, but so decadent!

Share your squat progress or R.A.C.K. ideas with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (BBBHealthy)

I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

Happy Holidays everyone:) I’m in full Christmas mode and have so many updates!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted! ¬†It’s been a crazy few weeks with finals and wrapping up the semester. ¬†Things are finally settling down and I’m ready to get back to blogging:)

I want to update you all on my progress so you can see that this ACTUALLY WORKS (not ready to post pictures yet though). ¬†I told you a month ago that my goal was to lose 15% body fat. ¬†Well, I’ve been training and following a pretty detailed nutrition plan for the past four weeks and have made some progress! ¬†So far I have lost 5% body fat (lost six pounds of fat and gained six pounds of muscle). ¬†I feel so much better than I did last month and am even more motivated to keep up with my plan through the holiday season. ¬†I went all out for Thanksgiving dinner though:/ Luckily, I went out to dinner with my dad and stepmom, who were visiting from Socal, which meant no seconds! ¬†I still ate SO MUCH though. ¬†I literally ate myself sick, no fun:( ¬†Kind of makes me not want to cheat again! ¬†Kinda:)

However, I do have a little extra motivation to stay on track now that


I got the email yesterday and I am so excited to be a part of such an incredibly supportive community. So what does it mean to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador? ¬†It means that I have even more people to share with and learn from within the fitness community. ¬†I’ll have opportunities to get connected to incredible women who are passionate about fitness, and can then pass along what I learn to you! ¬†I’m just a work in progress to become an even better resource for all of you:)

My first order of business as a Sweat Pink Ambassador was to sign up to receive a free Bulu Box! ¬†It’s a monthly subscription that sends you a box vitamins and supplements to try:

“A way to discover vitamin, supplement and health products. Each box is filled with 4 to 5 premium products selected to help you feel your best. Look forward to a new mix monthly for both women and men that include: vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support and more.”

These monthly deals are a great way to try new products and learn what works for your body without breaking the bank.

AND you can get your first box free if you enter this Sweat Pink coupon code! Fit411

See, the perks are already coming in:) ¬†Once I receive my box, I ¬†will be reviewing all of the products that I’m sent so look forward to that! ¬†I’m also working on some healthy Christmas recipes for you all:)

Have a good week!

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My Secret Weapon


I know, I know, they are just headbands right? SO WRONG!

I heard about these amazing headbands when I took an Xtend Barre workout with my stepmom a few weeks ago.  The magic of them is that they never slip!  Seriously, EVER. They have a velvet lining that keeps them on!  Not only are these headbands just so handy for workouts, but they are sold by a pretty inspiring company.

BIC stands for “Because I Can” and they were created for a run with Team in Training. ¬†Each month they choose a new charity to donate some of their proceeds to. ¬†This month, $1 from each sale will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. ¬†So go buy some ¬†ūüėČ

My stepmom sent me a few, and they have a ton of designs to choose from! ¬†I’m coming up with a challenge for the new year, and am hoping to include some BIC Bands in the prize because I just love their message!

I also have been going a little pancake crazy lately. ¬†I always forget how they can fit perfectly with my macros and still taste delicious! ¬†Here’s a carb-free recipe that I’ve been loving.

Almond Pancakes

1/4 cup almond flour (make your own! Just grind almonds in a food processor)

1 tsp baking powder

4 egg whites

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp almond extract (optional)

  1. Heat a small pan on medium heat.
  2. Combine the almond flour and baking powder together.
  3. Whisk the egg whites and extracts.
  4. Slowly add the dry mixture to the wet mixture.
  5. Cook like regular pancakes! Flipping when the top is fully covered with little bubbles.
  6. Top with protein powder frosting (pp powder and water) or a little greek yogurt!

Procrastination is okay if you’re working out right?

Those moments when you’d rather do anything than homework…for me, anything includes lifting, running, stretching, cooking, or eating:)

That’s right about now for me. ¬†I killed my shoulders and abs today, but would do anything to ditch this paper and go for a run! ¬†I haven’t been able to run for a few weeks because I hurt my foot (and because I’m trying to keep my hard earned muscle, not burn it), but am missing it so much. ¬†My runs have been replaced with stairs and speed walking on an incline, woo.

So even though my cardio work at the gym isn’t the most fun, I’m actually enjoying my work in the kitchen. ¬†We all know that the kitchen is where the hardest work goes down. ¬†Sure, I’d love to be able to bench a couple of plates, but I’d much rather have the lifelong strength to PUT DOWN THE COOKIES! So far, I’ve been doing pretty well with it:) ¬†It’s a been a whole week without cheats and I feel awesome. ¬†I love how great eating clean can make you feel.

I’ve been inhaling chicken, brown rice, steamed, veggies, protein powder, and cottage cheese like no other. ¬†Seriously though, I went through 5lbs of chicken this week. ¬†I’m pretty sure that I’m very close to turning in to a chicken, just waiting for that first cluck. ¬†Since I have been trying to spice up my standard diet, I’ve got a new recipe for you!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Shake

-1/2 cup cold coffee

-splash of almond milk

-1 tsp. pumpkin spice

-1 drop of liquid stevia or 1 packet of stevia in the raw

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)

  1. Add ice and blend:)

**If you want to make this a meal on the go, add some pureed pumpkin!

What is one type of exercise that you hope you’ll never have to stop doing?

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Rainy Days Don’t Have to Be Lazy Days!

All I want right now is a cookie.

You know those days that are rainy and cold and make you want to stay inside to watch a movie? ¬†Yesterday was one of those days. Unfortunately living in San Francisco, it is almost always rainy and cold. ¬†So I want to have lazy movie days way too often! ¬†I already got my workout done this morning, but it was killer (I could barely walk out of the gym) so I am just dead tired right now and have no motivation to do anything…which is includes eating clean.

Movie days always include little extras that never seem to add up in our minds. ¬†Hot chocolate to start the day off, popcorn with the movie, baking cookies when you realize you don’t really like the movie you chose, candy to fend off the mid-afternoon nap, wine to make you feel somewhat civilized because your couch has a permanent indent from your a$$. ¬†It’s a seemingly safe activity that can go so wrong, so fast!

Now I’m not suggesting that you give up having a rest day, but I do have some ideas for cleaning it up a bit:)

  1. Get your workout done early in the morning because you’ll be more inclined to skip it if it’s later in the day. ¬†Head to the gym or do some yoga at home if it’s rainy.
  2. Netflix!! The impulse purchase section at BlockBuster isn’t really an issue anymore (Baby Bottle Pops anyone?), but even heading to the nearest Red Box can take you dangerously close to the snack aisle where you’re probably going to make some bad decisions.
  3. Don’t skip meals! Having all of your meals ready for the day will keep you from grazing on sugary snacks all day.
  4. Choose air-popped, plain popcorn and add spices such as: chili powder, garlic powder, rosemary, or cocoa powder.  Try pizza popcorn to mix it up! 1 Tbs oregano, 1/2 Tbs basil, 1 tsp onion powder, 1 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp fennel, 1tsp thyme, and some red pepper.
  5. Ditch the hot chocolate for some chai or peppermint tea. ¬†They both have a little bit of holiday in them, and aren’t loaded with sugar or empty calories.
  6. Stretch! Use the time that you’re just sitting there to do some good for your body! ¬†Whether it’s a full stretching routine or your just reach for your toes every few minutes, you’re working those muscles.

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the cold and rainy winter season:) ¬†I can’t wait for the holidays (I’m a bit of a Christmas freak) and am excited to show you how clean it can be! ¬†Help me out though:

what Christmas treats would you like to see cleaned up?

Also, I’m working on putting together a contest for December! Look forward to that:)

Happy “No”vember!

Let’s start this month off right! ¬†I have a little challenge for you…

That’s right, I don’t want your crap! ¬†We’re going to make this month our b*tch! ¬†I know everyone waits for the New Year to set their fitness goals and (maybe) start them, but there is no time like the present right? ¬†Let’s get skanky-new-year’s-club-dress-ready together:) ¬†I’d love to make this an official challenge and offer prizes, but I need a little more feedback from y’all first! ¬†Leave me a comment on this post, on Facebook (BBBHealthy), Twitter, or send me a message if you want to see some sort of contest evolve. ¬†I know that some of you are working really hard to reach your goals and I want to reward you for that!

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Exercise & Nutrition Works¬†Fast Start to Success Workshop hosted by Lucho and Lisa Crisalle. ¬†They are two incredibly inspiring fitness experts with over 20 years experience in this industry. ¬†I’m currently studying to become a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through their certification program, and this weekend enhanced my knowledge of how to build up my business! ¬†Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take on some clients and change lives through their meal plans. ¬†I’ll be taking body fat and designing plans like I was born to do it:)

Today, I volunteered to be the case study for the meal plan software demonstration. ¬†Which means I had to get up and get my body fat tested in front of everyone! ¬†I admit, it wasn’t the best experience. ¬†I haven’t been as 100% as I aim to be, and a lot of personal things in my life have set me back. ¬†So it was a bit of a wake up call when I found out that I need to get rid of 15% body fat to be where I want to be!

My new toy!

So now I am heading home SUPER MOTIVATED and ready to stay on track!

Not only did I get to spend the weekend meeting new people and learning from Lucho and Lisa, but I also got to speak with Lisa about competing.  She is an inspiration and started competing later in life, and was extremely successful!  One thing that really made an impression on me was how much support she had.  It made me realize that I need that if I want to reach my goals, I need the support of those close to me.  So this is my request to all of my friends and family reading this (should be everyone right?):


-support my healthy and fit lifestyle

-encourage me

-don’t ask me to “cheat” with alcohol or food

-keep judgment to yourself when I bring my own food everywhere

-respect my goals (I am NOT going to look manly!!!)

I can’t do this without the support of those whose opinions mean the most to me. ¬†I’m serious about this lifestyle and, someday, competing. ¬†I hope to do that sooner or later, so I want to stay on track:)

Thank you and have a great week!