Guest Post: Get Up and MOVE!

Happy Thursday! It’s my Friday, so I’m happy!  I’ll be doing Insanity Day 2 later today, can’t wait:)

A few weeks ago I got an email from Jim Rollince, Head of the Creative Writing Department at Gym Source.  They are behind awesome gym equipment such as Power Plate and Stairmaster Machines.  It’s a great honor to have him guest post on my blog!

Staying Fit and Having a Blast Doing It!

Along with diet, a proper dose of exercise is immensely good for the body. Physical activity keeps all of the body’s systems and organs in tip-top shape, ensuring strength, stamina, and longevity. In fact, according to an article written by the University of Maryland Medical Center, inactivity is one of the foremost causes of heart disease.

Even if you are one of so many out there who have not always taken great care, much damage is reversible. Even the coziest of couch potatoes can train to be a formidable machine. The important part is to get active now.

Many people struggle with just getting started, and eventually staying on regimen. And believe it or not, we all have those days, and that’s fine. But there are two important concepts to keep in mind that shatter these barriers, and they are ridiculously simple. First – do things that are fun! If you enjoy whatever is getting your heart pumping, you are much more likely to re-engage in the activity. Second – remember that as long the activity is strenuous enough to raise your heart rate, it can be considered “exercise.”

To help you with a few ideas, we have comprised a list of some great indoor and outdoor, traditional and non-traditional activities that are sure to get you moving and hopefully smiling at the same time. Here we go!


Traditional Ideas

-Go swimming. Water activities are great for stress relief and exercise. There are countless ways in which the water can give the perfect amount of movement resistance while simultaneously ensuring that you have no fear of over-heating due to effort.

-Go to the gym, or bring it to you. The world of equipment today is enormous. Options include treadmills, ellipticals, free-weights, and all other types of commercial and home gym equipment. Add in some music and your favorite workout drink and have a ball.

-Get involved with a local sport. Whether it be basketball, baseball, football, or even badminton, there is nothing like the feeling of being part of a team. If there are no local sports you want to play, organizing your own isn’t very hard at all.


Non-Traditional Ideas

-Try a little more “extreme sport.” Skiing, paintball, wrestling, and hiking are just a few possibilities.

-For those interested in history and outdoor exploration, metal detecting can be a great release. In the woods, a field, or along the beach, you will be active walking, exploring, and hopefully doing a little digging for treasure.

-Try laser-tag. The thrill of the hunt and ducking and dodging all of those incoming laser beams will have you sweating.

-Play a video game. Yes, playing video games these days can involve plenty of physical activity. Try Wii fitness games or similar games for the Xbox Kinnect.

Whatever you do, have fun with it. Remember that exercise isn’t just about pumping iron and gritting your teeth. And as you proceed with your “physical entertainment”, you will feel the difference in your mental and physical state. It’s your life, after all – enjoy all of it. And staying fit and active is one fabulous way to do just that.