I eat because I’m happy, and I’m happy because I lift.

I get asked all the time why I decided to choose this lifestyle or what I like about it or what prompted me to change.  I always have a difficult time answering because there really are so many reasons and so many things that I love about eating clean and training dirty:) Actually, I pretty much love everything.  I’m sure there are more, but here’s what I came up with:

I love protein shakes.

I love the gym.

I love having the gym to myself at 5:30am.

I love how cool my lifting gloves make me feel.

I love sweating 5 minutes in to a tough workout.

I love running.

I love pushups and squats and curls and deadlifts.

I love eating rainbows.

I love fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.

I love lean proteins like salmon, turkey, and chicken.

I love being the only girl at the gym with a shaker bottle.

I love monitoring my heart rate.

I love knowing what goes in my body.

I love being in workout clothes and my nikes with my hair in a ponytail.

I love watermelon glutamine.

I love having to eat 6 times a day.

I love knowing that I’m strong enough to lift a small child over my head, multiple times.

I love flaxseed and pb2 and chia seeds and other “weird” health foods.

I love pushing myself to make every rep count.

I love the science of how we use food to shape our bodies.

I love egg whites and oats.

I love having food as a friend, not foe.

I love seeing progress.

I love having goals and actually reaching them.

I love the community that I’ve found in the fitness world.

I love knowing that my progress comes from hard work and not some magic pill.

I love not feeling guilty for indulging every now and then.

I love being comfortable in my own skin.

I love feeling sore after a b*tch of a workout.

I love workouts that are a b*tch.

I love making workouts my b*tch.

I love being strong.


What’s your reason?