Motivated, motivated, motivated!

It’s been awhile:)  I’ve realized that I’m definitely not going to be posting as much, but will try as often as possible!  There’s been a lot of changes lately, and I feel like I’m finally adjusting to life back in the city.  I haven’t been totally on track, but I’ve been eating about 85% clean and on track!  Yesterday marked Day 1 of the final week of James Wilson’s Body Earned Program for me (it was the leg day from HELL).  I’ve loved this program, but am really excited to start something new.  I’ve noticed that I start to get bored around the 10 week mark so I’m ready for a change!  I haven’t ended with physique that I’d hoped for (especially since I’m headed to Cabo in a few short weeks!), but I’ve increased my amount of muscle dramatically.  At the beginning of summer, I mentioned to a trainer that I wanted to increase the muscle in my legs.  Well I realized today that I did just that!  As I loaded up the squat rack, I thought back to when I first began lifting weights, I didn’t even need the squat rack:) And today was just one of those days when I REALLY wanted this shirt:

Feel free to get it for me;) It’s days like these that help me keep going!  Not to mention silly motivational quotes.  One that has been constantly on my mind is-

“You WILL do this.”

A lot of people hear that they can do something nowadays, and it’s not uncommon to overhear me encouraging someone to make a lifestyle change. Though sometimes  I just need that little extra push from myself to keep thinking that I canso that I will.  I’m in the market for an accountability/workout partner though!  It’s getting tough to resist temptation on my own:)

How do you motivate yourself?

Small victories: my bio professor asked if I rowed crew because of the callous on my hands.  #proudbattlewounds #glovesdontdocrap